I am losing serious followers. I know I haven’t been that active in well, months, but I still love Tumblr and love everyone’s blogs and posts! I am just really really busy with work and school! Annnd a boy :) After months of meeting loser and assholes I have finally met someone nice and we’ve been spending a lot of time together. I couldn’t be happier :)

I hope y’all are having a good summer, I’m going to make a conscious effort to update more often. xx

  • Serena: Are you going to be okay alone?
  • Blair: Not yet, but I need to start learning to be.
Anonymous asked:
Hi. I really like your outfit and you're pretty. Bye. Xx

Aww, thank you :) x

still no wifi at apartment. It’s weird I feel like I’ve gone back to the stone age, plus I get really strangely excited when I get to school early to use the wifi ::DD

Anyhow, My new apartment is great and it even has a little workout room in the basement, so that’s a big plus. The good thing is I’ve been losing without really trying just because I’m walking to school and walking all over these days and I think I’m eating less now that I’m single and not with someone who eats a fucking shit ton. Who knows.

hope y’all are having a great day

I’m all moved into my new place!!

the only problem is i don’t get wifi until friday the 12th :( waaahhhh

10 Best Antioxidant-Rich Vegetables



1. Kale


2. Spinach


3. Brussels sprouts


4. Alfalfa sprouts


5. Broccoli


6. Beets


7. Red bell peppers


8. Onions


9. Corn


10. Eggplant 


This list is some of my favorite vegetables :) Try making some kale chips, it might even tempt people who hate veggies into eating it (:

(via thequadproject)